R&D answering to customers’ demands

The Alfdex oil mist separator is by far the most efficient solution for cleaning crankcase gases. This is the conclusion reached by leading diesel engine manufacturers. Major players who also have experience of our way of working in customer projects. The aim of this method is always to be able to offer the customer the ideal solution.

Almost everyone working at Alfdex is an engineer. This means that we speak the same language as our customers. We develop a close, efficient relation that can continue for a long time. This close collaboration – with regular working meetings – guarantees that we deliver cost-efficient solutions with top performance based on our customers’ specific needs.

We work next door to the Alfa Laval centre for separator development. This of course is a great advantage, since Alfa Laval has more than a 100 years experience in separation technology.

At Alfdex we have a wide definition of research and development. We work in cross functional teams within areas such as design, prototype activities, environment, production and logistics, separation and product management.

All in order to continuously develop and refine the leading solution for cleaning crankcase gases and adapt it to our customers’ specific requirements.