Published 2 February 2012 | 14:21

One of the world’s largest producer of heavy trucks chooses Alfdex

Alfdex AB, a 50/50 joint venture between Alfa Laval and Concentric - has signed an exclusive supplier agreement with one of the world's largest producer of heavy trucks. The agreement to supply Alfdex Oil Mist Separators is valid until 2017 with a total estimated value of at least SEK 500 million.

The agreement with the European truck manufacturer makes Alfdex an exclusive supplier of oil mist separators and is valid for manufacturing in the US, Europe and Japan until 2017. The contract states that all trucks with in-house manufactured engines will be equipped with the unique Alfdex oil mist separator - the most widely used solution for active cleaning of crankcase gases. The Alfdex separator uses the centrifugal separation technique to remove oil droplets and soot so that only clean gases are returned to the manifold or can be emitted to the environment.

"Alfdex is today the established, proven and leading solution for cleaning of crankcase cases and this agreement confirms that fact, says David Woolley, President and CEO of Concentric AB.

"We are very happy that Alfdex have signed this agreement with one of the world's biggest truck manufacturer," says Lars Renström, President and CEO of the Alfa Laval Group. "The agreement confirms Alfdex strong position as supplier of sustainable solutions."

The supplier agreement covers Alfdex new improved generation oil mist separators which has been developed to match the coming European legislation: Euro-6.

North America, Japan and South Korea already has legislation in place that limits the oil content in crank case gases. The EU will follow in 2014.